Growing the next generation of trees and foresters

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Peter recently harvested his trees and is in the process of replanting but has reserved an area near the boundary for the children’s use. In conjunction with Peter, we provided the daycare with a variety of native trees and sent along Harvest Supervisor Bruce Goodhew and Forester Steve Terlesk to teach the children about the different species and how to plant them. The group of over 3s was keen to help dig the holes and tamp the ground down and will water and care for the plants during their weekly visits.

Nurture By Nature Early Childhood Care and Education Manager Christine Kira says the tree planting has been incorporated into the Ngahere (Forest) & Environmental elements of their curriculum.  She says the teachers and children use the forest area as an extension of their learning environment providing them with practical hands on actives such as catching the tadpoles from the pond and observing them hatch into frogs before returning them to the pond.  The children are taught to identify the different species of trees together with the bird and insect life that surrounds them. They also learn importance of protecting the environment by being safe with fires near the bush and always taking their rubbish home.

We think this is a great initiative and would like to see more forestry growers like Peter helping to educate the next generation of growers.