One Billion Trees Fund Now Open

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We recently received this information from Forestry New Zealand...


Direct Landowner Grants

The new grants scheme provides simple and accessible grants towards the cost of planting and establishing trees and indigenous regeneration.

Applicants might be looking to plant for reduced erosion, improved water quality, regional development goals, enhanced biodiversity, development of Māori-owned land and to diversify productive land uses.

The new grants scheme will help us to get 60 million new trees in the ground over the next three years (with a target of two-thirds of trees being natives).

The focus on incentivising landowners to plant indigenous trees will help to achieve more diverse benefits, particularly through the restoration of indigenous ecosystems and biodiversity.

Tree planting grant recipients will also be able to register in the ETS, if eligible to do so (unless planting pinus radiata – this will be limited to after six years).

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Partnership Grants

Partnership grants will see a closer working relationship with a range of partners from regional councils to NGOs to researchers, training organisations, Māori landowners and community groups.

Grants will support projects that reduce barriers to tree planting, and will leverage co-funding, along with existing know-how and experience, from partners and landowners. 

There are a number of target areas for these grants, including supporting: labour and workforce development, advice and information for landowners, large-scale tree planting and restoration projects, science and research.

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