New technology ensures better efficiencies & forecasting

Aa Back

Geomaster is an operational tool used to plan, manage, and report on all activity within a forest encompassing everything from initial land preparation, planting, thinning and pruning, right through to harvesting. The system will enable field staff to more quickly and accurately report their findings and to share that data with support staff in the office (and vice versa). Having quality information enables us to streamline processes and to more accurately forecast outcomes.

In addition to improved planning, we can now generate current maps with notations and updated documents that our contractors can access from their devices ensuring that everyone is literally on the same page. Gone are the days where the guys in the forest had to spread a pile of papers across the bonnet of their ute to figure out where things were at!

Although Geomaster is well recognised globally, we are one of just two Northland forest management companies utilising this technology. Following a recent training day the team is busy inputting data on work in progress. When that’s completed we’ll commence stage two which involves modules on tree measurements, inventory planning and yield tables. The benefit of that to our customers is that we can more accurately forecast how many tonnes we can expect per hectare and the log grades expected. We hope to have the programme fully operational in March.