Mt Tiger Harvesting Project gets underway

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The harvest crew will keep a close eye out for kiwi, as they are known to live in the general area. 

Both NRC and WDC have been notified of the planned work and letters have been delivered to the local residents.

A large cable hauler will be setup on the site.  It will haul the trees up the hillside to the top where a log processing machine will cut them in to logs. They will be loaded on to trucks and carted to local sawmills and the export port.

Harvesting will take 4-6 weeks and is expected to be completed by Easter.

The pine plantation is located near the walking track between Mt Tiger and Onerahi (Waikaraka walkway). Harvesting will not impact on the walking track which will remain open while the work is completed.

The area will be replanted during winter 2020. The decision on what to plant has not been confirmed but it is likely to be native trees such as Manuka and Kanuka.