'Be safe, be seen' - a Northland Wood Council safety initiative

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We sent a couple of logging trucks and staff along to Kerikeri Primary in early May as part of a road safety campaign which is touring Northland schools.

The children participated in an interactive presentation in the hall. Amongst the many topics covered, Ian Newey of the Northland Wood Council explained what a blind spot is and how important it is for cyclists, pedestrians and other drivers to make themselves visible to the driver. He told the students that if they couldn't see the driver in the side mirrors then the driver couldn't see them. He also talked about how stones can get in the truck's tyres and the need to stay a safe distance so that if one flicked out then they would be out of harm's way.

Then the children were put into groups with NFM staff and drivers and were given the chance to see first hand the various issues discussed. For many it was their first chance to get up close to a truck and they were very excited to sit in the cab and see for themselves just what a driver would be able to see in the mirrors. 

This program continues throughout the year visiting mainly rural schools in Northland that are on or close to log truck routes. 

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