Bussing forestry careers message to schools

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The April edition of NZ Logging magazine featured an article about the InZone Careers Bus which is touring NZ High Schools offering a variety of career options including forestry. Below is an extract the article from the magazine...

The InZone Bus is now proudly sporting forest livery to help in the challenge to attract school leavers to the industry. It will be touring New Zealand over the next few months visiting secondary schools and attending careers expos, promoting the range of forest careers to pupils who are deciding what they will do after their school days are over.

InZone's Peter and Donna Doake were sponsored by Mike Pero for many years to take their bus to schools throughout NZ to promote a range of careers. Now the Forest Growers Levy Trust has decided to take the opportunity to further raise our profile to potential employees and grab the forest industry branding rights for InZone. This means that for 20 weeks this year, InZone will be visiting schools encouraging young New Zealanders to put their future in the forest industry.

The bus caries 26 video kiosks where the school pupils can view profiles of people already in a particular industry, with 11 of them forestry branded. During the past 2 years these videos have included profiles of people just starting out in the industry or young foresters in training.

InZone will be co-ordinating with local wood councils and forest companies to get their messages into schools and other events, such as the National Field Days at Mystery Creek in June and the careers expos in main centres.

A main selling point to get InZone access into secondary schools will be that forestry is a green industry, and in particular is the main industry for fighting climate change. 

Longer term, it is envisaged that the InZone bus can be adapted to use as a mobile meeting room suitable for forest industry meetings, especially for farm foresters.

Says Peter Doake: "We are delighted with forest sponsorship and the opportunity to carry the forest messages into schools. It's a fit with our views on the benefits of forestry to New Zealand and our long experience with what works to communicate to Generation Z". 

Article by NZ Logger

The InZone Bus is currently touring Northland and will be at the following venues:

  • Kamo High Shool - Thurs 30 May
  • Northland College - Fri 31 May
  • Bay of Islands College - Weds June 5