Helping Northland families to stay safe

Aa Back

We do a lot to support our local community and one initiative we’ve been contributing to is the Police Managers’ Guild Trust which exists to educate the community about crime prevention and to support organisations that help victims of crime. Below is an extract of an email we recently received from Jesper Tjarnfors of the Police Managers’ Guild Trust.

“Yet again I wanted to thank Northland Forest Managers for continuously supporting our work in protecting the most vulnerable in the society. You've been a primary supporter for every single campaign that we've done in the past couple of years! It means the world to not only us but also to the community. 

With the success of last year's campaign - we had the opportunity to pass on the leftover funding on to the Women's Refuge, Rape Crisis Centre, Blue Light Programme, Victim Support and many others. So thanks yet again for being a part of it! “

Click here to read more about the Police Managers’ Guild Trust.